At AutoVision News, we specialize in high-quality commercial videos, in-depth technical editorials, and livestream demos and showcases. We are a small business that helps automotive companies of all sizes achieve their marketing and sales goals through custom content creation, what we sometimes call “portable advertising.” Our services help clients establish themselves as thought-leaders in the automotive industry, but that content does not have to be exclusive to AutoVision News.

Here is a brief list of services we offer:

Comprehensive Video Production

Recent studies and surveys show that consumers want to see more video content from companies they support. Through 4K video production, we showcase how our clients’ latest innovations cut cost and weight, reduce complexity, and increase safety. YouTube is the most popular and influential streaming platform, but other social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter offer opportunities to stream video content. Thought-leadership content like this is a valuable tool for generating leads, promoting products and services, and building brand awareness.

Eye-Catching Graphic Design

We believe in the value of “bite-sized” graphics for social media. This type of content is informative, fun, and easy to share. We can create colorful and informative graphics for our clients to share across their social channels.

In-Depth Technical Editorials

Although video is popular, the written word is as powerful as ever. These editorials combine two effective strategies: a comprehensive technical article, with either graphic design elements or a video demonstration. Our in-depth editorials show how your company leverages a particular innovation or product line to solve your customers’ pain points.

If you'd like to get your company's name in front of the ADAS and Autonomy community around the world, reach out to our team. We'll be in touch!