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AutoVision News is an online publication focused on future vehicle technology, including next-generation ADAS innovations, electrification, and autonomous driving. Our readers, be it from an engineering or a marketing background, are working on new technologies that will lead to fully-automated vehicles, intelligent cities, and more. It’s our goal that AutoVision News will facilitate ongoing dialogue and relationships among our readership. 

The AutoVision News team is available to other members of the media from print to podcast! We are glad to help reporters or journalists working on stories about autonomous driving, ADAS technology, connected infrastructure, or automotive safety in general. We are happy to provide a perspective on the topic with quotes and information for your articles and stories.

Meet the Team
Carl Anthony

Carl Anthony

Managing Editor
Robert Stead

Rob Stead

Strategic Advisor

Alex Hartman

Creative Director

Danielle Anthony

Operations Manager

Alvin Reyes

Contributing Writer

Emily Pruitt

Contributing Writer