Unveils Driver 3.0 HD Map-Free Self-Driving Solution unveiled its new Driver 3.0, described by the company as an HD map-free self-driving solution for automakers. In a press release describing Driver 3.0, pointed to previous HD map-free autonomous public road tests and noted that vehicles integrated with Driver 3.0 would be on the market as early as 2023 from an “established automotive brand.” As of this writing, DeepRoute-Driver 2.0 is currently available for Ford, Lincoln, Geely, and Dongfeng models. 

D-PRO & D-AIR Variants

Driver 3.0 includes two versions for automakers: D-PRO and D-AIR. With a hardware cost of $2,000 USD, the D-PRO version includes HD map-free operation and features like valet park assist and point-to-point navigation on roads without operational design domain restrictions. The second, D-AIR, has a lower hardware cost of $1,000 USD. D-AIR provides HD map-free driver assistance features like automatic cruise control, lane centering control, and autonomous emergency braking. 

“Unlike most other autonomous driving solution providers, we concentrate on developing one autonomous driving framework and commercialize it by first deploying ADAS functionality,” said CEO Maxwell Zhou. “Once ADAS-equipped cars are widely available, relevant regulations are in place, and the public better understands autonomous driving, OEMs can upgrade to full autonomy via over-the-air.” 

Shanghai Driving

According to, both versions of Driver 3.0 are designed to expedite autonomy for OEMs while also addressing cost concerns. To highlight the announcement of Driver 3.0, posted a video to its YouTube channel of a vehicle driving autonomously around Shanghai by generating lane-level information in real-time without HD maps.

“We strategized the HD map-free approach back in 2020 and started OEM collaboration based on this pioneering approach last year,” Zhou added. “Not relying on HD maps, smart driving will be available everywhere and affordable for automakers and consumers alike.”