Live at autosens brussels

During AutoSens Brussels and the subsequent InCabin conference, Managing Editor Carl Anthony held live interviews directly from the show floor. Watch the recordings below to hear from industry leaders at Xperi, Euro NCAP, BMW, Algolux, and more.

ABOUT AutoSEns & Incabin

AutoSens Brussels is a best-in-class event bringing together ADAS and AV specialists to shape the future of vehicle perception. Engineers involved in automotive sensing technology and signal processing from OEMs, Tier 1s, and technology providers come together to build relationships in an informal and collaborative environment.

Sense Media also held their inaugural InCabin event following AutoSens Brussels. Interest for in-cabin monitoring and intelligent interior technologies is soaring, and applications for safety, comfort, and productivity will be enabled by sensors, processing hardware, AI software and algorithms, and HMI & UI design. The InCabin community brings together experts from across all these technical disciplines and the whole supply chain to drive innovation and product development.