Live with AEYE

In January 2022, AEye and AutoVision News teamed up for a live webcast series during CES. The virtual experience featured the latest news and exclusive interviews with thought leaders currently working to validate and implement autonomous technology across different industries. Live with AEye: Virtual CES 2022 was broadcast across AEye’s social media channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. It also showcased AEye’s CES 2022 Innovation Award-winning 4Sight LiDAR, a solid-state and software-centric solution that adapts and optimizes scan patterns in real-time.


AEye’s software-defined lidar enables advanced driver-assistance, vehicle autonomy, and industrial applications that save lives and propel the future of transportation and mobility. The company’s 4Sight Intelligent Sensing Platform uses adaptive lidar to focus on what matters most: enabling faster, more accurate and reliable perception for dynamic applications ranging from autonomous driving to intelligent infrastructure, which require precise measurement imaging to ensure safety and performance. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.